An app that makes it super easy for anyone to invest in stocks.


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Collector is a innovative niche bank that offers financial solutions to private customers and companies on the european market. The company was founded 2005, is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap and the headquarter is located in Gothenburg.

Spira — a mobile app that aims to enable anyone, regardless of previous knowledge, to invest in the stock market — is the result of a new partnership between Collector Bank and Aktieinvest. Varvet participated in the creation of the app by providing development for iOS and Android.


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What we did

Varvet started the project by building a prototype to test the apps main user flow. A “Minimum Viable Product” was then built together with Collectors developers and designers. Collector was responsible for the server logic while Varvet handled the app logic. In the first version of the app the user could register an account, make deposits, follow their investment and see the development of their portfolio over time.

In order to future proof the code base and offer the best possible user experience the app was built natively for both iOS and Android. The iOS app was developed in Swift and the Android was developed using Kotlin.

Following the launch of the app in September 2017 development continues, with the team making adjustments and incorporating user feedback to make the best possible app.

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“Varvet has been a crucial partner in the development of the MVP for the Spira application. Despite a tight project plan, Varvet delivered as promised and their team integrated fast in our processes and our operations. We are looking forward to further collaboration and we know that Varvet will continue to add big value to our app development.”

Daniel Almqvist Head of User Experience, Collector


Spira is the app that makes it easier than ever to invest in stocks. You set up an account directly in the app and select how much you want to invest each month. Your money is then automatically invested in the seven biggest investment companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. You pay 25 SEK for every deposit or withdrawal. Spira helps people who haven't invested in stocks before to get started in a easy way.

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