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  • Safe production logging

    To log in production code is to expose your apps’ inner secrets. One tends to log information that is of maximum value for the developer(s), but that can also be of great value for a person with malicious intent. Let’s not do that.


  • Ripple effect Android

    Sometimes you just want it to ripple - maybe when you press a button, maybe when you’re inputing speech, in a game, or what not. And sometimes you just want a copy-and-paste solution to get that ripple start spreading. That’s the intention...

  • Voice to text in Android with Architecture Components

    Let us join voice to text in Android with the new Architecture Components. It will make our speech recognizer class lifecycle aware - allowing us to keep on recording while rotating the screen, and providing a proper separation of concerns...

  • Kotlin with Volley

    Volley is my go-to networking library in Android and naturally I wanted to bring it with me when moving to Kotlin. Volley and Kotlin both heighten the Android development experience in their own ways. Kotlin in the way it lets you express...

  • Android QR Code Reader Made Easy

    Making your Android application barcode aware should be easy! Luckily it is using Google Play services and the Mobile Vision APIs. It allows you to scan barcodes (e.g. QR codes) quickly and locally (making it really fast!) with very...

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