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  • Using Variable Fonts to create icon animations

    Variable fonts has been around for quite some time already, but it has become a real interesting technique to use now when it has recently become available to use in the most popular browsers. So what can we do with it? READMORE

    Here’s a...

  • Wiff Waff - My Journey on Rails

    One year ago I came to Varvet as a student. I was studying frontend development at YH, which is Higher Vocational Education or Yrkeshögskolan. It’s a post-secondary form of education where a significant part of the education is an internship...

  • How to begin coding

    Questions on the topic of how and where to start coding are not uncommon. I get them sometimes, and maybe you have been asked (or have asked them!) as well. This text is to help both the people asking and the people being asked.

    I myself...

  • Recognising self-improvement

    When I started working on Via a couple of years back I was pretty new to the iOS development experience. It was a hobby project and not intended for others, rather I just wanted to put something together for my own somewhat niched travelling...

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