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  • Becoming an MVP and how I plotted my eating

    I entered the Varvet apprenticeship program after finishing an intense 12-week web developer bootcamp. There I got introduced to Ruby and JavaScript and some of their frameworks, while collaborating in pairs with other students on assignments...

  • Wiff Waff - My Journey on Rails

    One year ago I came to Varvet as a student. I was studying frontend development at YH, which is Higher Vocational Education or Yrkeshögskolan. It’s a post-secondary form of education where a significant part of the education is an internship...

  • Apprenticeship at Varvet - Eric


    My name is Eric, and I recently started a four month apprentice program here at Varvet, mainly focusing on web development. First off, I’ll briefly introduce myself.

    I’m born and raised in the western parts of Gothenburg and apart...

  • The Apprentice

    This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

    I am not the new apprentice of Sir Alan Sugar, as in the TV series The Apprentice. But I am the new apprentice of Elabs, and for that I am very...

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