We have more than ten years of experience building web and mobile applications for everything from startups to big international corporations. Our developers, designers and strategists build products, services and experiences which help you to grow and change. If you’re looking for a partner with a strong technical core, that is easy to work with and that understands your users, then Varvet is your choice.

What we do

How we do it

  • 01. Scope

    We get to know each other, learn about your problem, decide how we will work together and agree on a shared vision and measurable goals for the project.

  • 02.Discover

    We analyse your business to gain an understanding of the problem as a whole, and we look for inspiration in other products, projects and experiences to identify the possibilities.

  • 03. Experiment

    Armed with the knowledge we’ve gained during the discover phase we design prototypes and sketch out ideas, which then result in a backlog of features to build and a roadmap for the project.

  • 04. Develop

    Through an agile process, with quick iterations and continuous feedback, we make sure we build the right things. Our creators maintain close and constant communication with each other and with you, the client, throughout the project.

  • 05. Grow

    A good product is a product that’s being used and that’s growing. We want to continue growing together and to provide continuous follow-up and support to our customers.



Everything starts with understanding. By understanding your market, challenges, goals, and end users we can create a strategy that focuses on delivering the highest value for you. We strive for long-term collaboration with our customers and continuous development of the services we help to build. Because of that we take a broad perspective when we explore solutions and possibilities.

  • Research

    To put ourselves in the best position of building the right things we start our projects by gaining an understanding for your business and learn about how you work today, the needs of your users and what possible solutions are available.

  • Business development

    We want to do more that just solve the challenges you’re faced with today. By understanding your business idea and vision, establishing and evaluating measurable goals and taking a broad perspective on your offering we want to help you grow and identify new opportunities.

  • Customer success

    When a project is completed there’s still much left to do. We want to make sure your service is used, maintained, and developed. That’s why we aim to build a solid foundation for further collaboration and to make sure that you succeed with your idea and what we’ve built together.



We believe in always putting the users front and center. We want to design unique, innovative and easy to use services that your customers want to come back to. The overall experience is key when it comes to standing out from the crowd, and that’s why we put a lot of focus on building the right experience for your target audience.

  • User studies

    The journey to a really good user experience starts with finding out who your users truly are. With the help of interviews, observations and polls we build a better understanding of the users’ needs and motivations.

  • UX and interaction design

    With the knowledge we’ve gained about your users we’re well positioned to create flows and functionality tailored to their needs. Our goal is to produce easy to use and inspiring experiences which make users want to return to your service.

  • Service design

    We approach things from a Service design perspective when we design and develop. This means that we always put the user front and center and focus on the full experience of what you’re offering. To understand your business and your challenges we want to have a close dialogue with you as well as with your users during the whole process — we believe this is key to building products that are actually used and appreciated.

  • Graphic design

    Form and color is central to our experience of the world. We’ll develop color schemes, find typefaces and produce illustrations that suit your service and what you want to convey. Our goal is to create engaging and pleasing websites, apps and experiences.



We strongly believe that the software you use should be tailored to how you work, not the other way around. You have specific goals which demand specific solutions. This is the reason that software built for your exact purposes and needs is so powerful. It ensures a great amount of freedom and options, and we follow a proven, iterative process which helps us make the best choices along the way — both in terms of technology and design. Our developers, designers and strategists work closely with you, the customer, to build software that creates maximum value for you and your users.

We build web apps tailored to your needs. Code quality and performance are natural cornerstones in everything we build, and we adhere to proven standards, making the applications we build quick and easy to work with. Using agile methods and continuous testing we bring your service all the way from idea to finished web app.

  • Front-end

    Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript we create modern, living user interfaces — always built to standard and fully responsive for mobile devices. When the circumstance calls for a JavaScript framework we like to work with React.js.

  • Back-end

    We primarily use Ruby on Rails — a proven, effective and powerful framework that we’ve worked with for more than ten years. At the same time we’re open to other technologies. Together with you we select what’s best for your project — whether that be Rails, Elixir, Node.js or something else.

  • Hosting & Support

    Your application deserves love even after it has been launched. We’ll take care of hosting and support of your application and operate, monitor and back up in a safe cloud based environment.


  • iPad showing NFS Network

    Need for Speed Network

    A companion app for Need for Speed Rivals that extends the video game experience beyond the living room and the game console.

    View our case study
  • A laptop showing Bonnier Korsord

    Bonnier Korsord

    A powerful tool for crafting, editing and exporting high quality crossword puzzles.

    View our case study


A custom mobile app brings you closer to your customers and gives you the opportunity to reach them at the right time and the right place. Mobile apps lay the foundation for valuable, long term relationships with your customers.

Our team of developers, designers and strategists builds mobile apps that engage your customers wherever they may be. We use the best tools to develop apps that are easy to use and stand the test of time. We take you all the way from idea to finished app, making sure we build the right thing the right way.

  • iOS

    Apple’s iOS is a powerful and constantly evolving platform. We’ve been building native iOS apps ever since the platform was introduced and we’re experts at Swift and Objective-C. With a native iOS app you’ll get an app that is fast and responsive, that is future proof and that feels at home on the platform.

  • Android

    Android is the world’s biggest platform for smartphones. With a well made Android app you have the potential to reach a vast market. We develop native apps for Android using Kotlin and Java. Our apps work on all Android devices and deliver a user friendly, accessible and engaging experience to your customers.


  • A—Z on an iPhone

    A—Z Inner Voice

    A campaign app to help launch Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s new clothing brand, A—Z.

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  • Lisebergsappen


    Liseberg’s new mobile app, which helps visitors get the most out of their visit at Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park.

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“Varvet was very receptive to our needs and delivered as promised. We are very pleased. Also, and this is a big plus, working with Varvet is a blast!”

Ulrika Falk Editor-in-chief, Bonnier Korsord

“Varvet has been a crucial partner in the development of the MVP for the Spira application. We are looking forward to further collaboration and we know that Varvet will continue to add great value to our app development.”

Daniel Almqvist Head of User Experience, Collector

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