Third Day of Craftsmanship Swap

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

A heavy rain rattling on the windowpanes woke me up at 6 o’clock at day three of the craftsmanship swap. After a big breakfast, Steve Kim picked me up and drove me to the office.


Day three - Pairing in Ruby and Java

The day started with some pairing with Doug Bradbury. We did some debugging and fixed a platform specific bug in Mac OS and did some TDD programming in Java using JUnit. It has been about five years since I last wrote any Java code. It was fun, even though I have some difficulties to admit it. Doug Branbury, Steve Kim and I went for lunch to an excellent Thai restaurant, where I ordered Pad Thai. It was so much food that I had to take a doggy bag - my first ever. After lunch I was back on the same project as yesterday with Justin Martin. It’s kind of a regular Rails project apart from that they are using JRuby, having their own gem bundler thing and using Prototype and JQuery at the same time. So maybe it’s not that regular when I think more about it. I’m also liking AgileZen, the project management tool that we use in this project, more and more.

Evening - The A-team takes over

At the end of the day Justin Martin invited me to join him and Eric Meyer to go to the movies and watch The A-Team. I’m actually the only one of us that is old enough to have followed the TV series during the eighties. It was one of my favorite series during that period. The A-Team movie was fun but if you ask if I can recommend it, the answer is no. After an action comedy you always feel the need to dissolve the experience with a couple of beers before hitting the sack. Steve Kim also came and joined us at the beer place.


At the hotel - Key problems

Steve Kim drove me back to the hotel around 11 pm. For some reason, in the evening when I get back to the hotel the key to the door always stops working. When I finally got into my room, it was time to write this blog post about todays experience.

Good night!