Second day at 8th Light’s Office — The Craftsmanship Swap

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

Last night Micah Martin helped me check in to the Hampton Inn & Suites hotel next to 8th Light’s office.


Thunder all through the night

The moment I opened the door to the hotel room a big thunderstorm moved in over Libertyville. The lightning and thunder came closer and closer. But for me, it felt very cosy to hear the storm outside while I was inside in my king sized bed trying to sleep after a wonderful day.

Day 2

Day two at 8th Light started with a delicious breakfast at the hotel followed by a 500 hundred meter car drive to the office. Today I had fun pairing with Justin Martin on a regular Rails project that is using JRuby instead of MRI. I’m probably going to work on that project for the rest of the week. In this project they use an interesting project management tool: AgileZen, a nice competitor to Pivotal Tracker.

Food and Smelly Clothes

After an iChat stand up with the customer and pairing, it was time for Mexican food. Justin and I drove and bought tasty Burritos. After lunch and more pairing with Justin - food again. Li-Hsuan Lung and Steve Kim took me to a nice Korean restaurant. I liked it a lot apart from having smelly clothes afterwards.


See you tomorrow

Thank you 8th Light for this day and see you again tomorrow.