New Office - Renovations Needed

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

We recently announced that we’ll be moving to a new office later this year. There’s lots to do before we can move though, and in this post we’ll talk about the current state of the office building, and some of our plans for it.

Pairing room from hallway

What really made us fall in love with the office space, in addition to its history, was all the old details. The building was constructed mid-19th century, and a lot of the original interior is still there.

We feel that the classical elegance and attention to detail really reflects our craftsmanship ideals that we strive to uphold when we develop software. It’s a very inspiring environment. The old wooden paneling is classified as historically significant and must be preserved. It really makes the office something out of the ordinary.

Conference room and hallway

The office hasn’t been used in quite some time, and needs to be renovated. New flooring and carpeting will be put in, windows will get noise insulation, walls and ceilings will be repainted and some glass partitions will be installed.

The fun part about the renovation is that we really get to tailor the office space to our needs and our style. We’re working with a friend of ours, Jesper Larsson, to make this a great environment that we will enjoy working in.

Check out the "before" photos, and come back soon for more info here on our blog.