Mittpostnummer Hyperlocal Portal

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

Client :ICE House AB

Year :2009

Web site :, et al

On behalf of our client ICE House we developed a platform for hyperlocal portals. The portals are accessed through nearly 7000 domain names, one for each Swedish zip code. Visiting the portal for your local zip code will show you all kinds of things available near you, such as classified ads, houses on the market, current offers of local companies, etc. Think of it as the common bulletin boards at your local grocery store, on steroids.

The sites use Google Maps to give the visitors an intuitive interface to browse the site. The posts you see change as you pan and zoom around the map. The sites' content is mainly provided by agents - people local to each portal's area. We also created a simple API that the developers at ICE House can use to post things that their spiders find while they crawl around the web looking for geocoded data.

This was also the first project where we used CarrierWave, a Ruby on Rails plugin for handling file uploads developed by our very own Jonas Nicklas. We'll talk more about CarrierWave in an upcoming post on this blog.

Mittpostnummer screenshot

ICE House has created a film describing Mittpostnummer (in Swedish). Check it out below. The sites are currently in a public beta while ICE House tune their spiders and agents to fill the sites with content.