Fourth Day of Craftsmanship Swap

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

Steve Kim picked me up today again with his car. Only Doug Bradbury was in when we came to the office. A couple of minutes later came Justin Martin and we started to work on the same project as yesterday. At 10 we had the usual stand up meeting with the customer over Skype. We went through what we did yesterday and talked about today’s stories. I got to work on a couple of stories on my own — I’m very happy to work on a well tested app. I was only going to add two fields to a model. When I was running all the test, two tests failed in another part of the application. I would never have know about this new bug I introduced if the test hadn’t been there to save me. Thank you!


During lunch Angelique Martin helped me check out of the hotel while Justin Martin and Colin Jones were buying some tasty hamburgers — with extra everything. Loved it. What I noticed was that their French fries is made of real potatoes. In Sweden we have this artificial stuff. That’s kind of funny since we in Sweden think we are so healthy compared to Americans.



After today’s work Micah Martin invited me to stay at his place for the rest of the week. They live in a lovely neighborhood. Micah and Angelique served a very pleasant dinner outside. Perfect weather and food. It felt like a top-notch swedish summer night, but then some mosquitoes came and started to harass us a little bit so we went in to watch a movie. And yes, we also have a lot of mosquitoes in Sweden. I almost forgot to write about their cute son Luca who really doesn’t like to take a shower — it was a hard struggle before he finally washed his hair. What finally did the trick was that he could stay up a little longer. Thanks for a pleasant evening.



I heard about the Elabs guys telling Eric Smith that I don’t like pizza. That’s not true. I’m just too vain to eat pizza for lunch — thinking about my curves or (I hope) lack of… so tomorrow we are going to eat some real American pizza. Looking forward to that.