BizConf Reflections

This post was originally published on the Elabs blog, before Elabs and Varvet joined forces.

In my post about the business value of conferences I mentioned that I would attend the conference BizConf, which I now have. This is a short review of my experience there.

It was hard to believe that this was BizConf’s first year. The organizers did a great job making sure that everything ran smoothly and everyone had the best experience possible. I certainly had. The setting—the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island—was fantastic. While I spent most of the time inside, I managed to find some time to enjoy the beach.

Beach sunrise on Amelia Island

The reason I spent most of my time inside was that the sessions and conversations at the conference were so amazing. Limiting the number of attendees to just 75 people really helped define the conference as a place of great discussions among peers.

Since there were usually four simultaneous sessions the number of attendees in each sessions was very small—sometimes less than 10 people—which made the sessions very intimate and interactive. Some of them were just really fascinating group discussions with incredibly knowledgeable and experienced people like Jerry Weinberg and Johanna Rothman.

I was amazed by the consistent high quality of all the sessions. I was going to try to list some of my favorite sessions, but there were just too many of them! The content ranged from tactical to strategic. A great mix of simple, practical advice and higher level talks about the purpose of running a business.

The small group made everyone seem very approachable. And since the attendees were 75 of the nicest, most brilliant people in the business, the conversations were really great. This was my favorite part of BizConf by far. Having so many peers to discuss the challenges of running a business with was worth the price of admission alone.

Some of the great people at BizConf

One big difference compared to most other conferences I’ve been to was how few people had their laptops up during the sessions. Lark said it best:

You can tell a great conference… when there’s no chance to tweet! #bizconf was rich, full-time intensity!

I realize that I’m rambling a bit here. I apologize. What it comes down to is this: Will I be back next year?

Hell yeah!