A Love Letter

It’s Valentine’s day.

Love is a rare thing to find. In this line of work we’re always talking about passion, about magic, about how users “love” this thing or the other. But truth be told, it’s not very common. We’ll always shoot for excellence and we’ll always try to achieve that special sparkle—the one that can only come from little decisions made right, the one that makes products come alive. That’s why you hire us, right? That’s what we do.

Love, though?

The stars have to align. We’re not even sure all products or companies are made to be loved. Some are made to be indispensable, some are made to be intensely functional, and some try to help you by staying out of your way. And that’s fine. We all want different things, and everyone finds their own road to happiness. But you know what? When love does strike, you kind of want to shout it from the rooftops. And… we have something to tell you.

Ours, as a company, is not the romantic kind of love. It’s more of a two-hearts-beating-as-one sort of affair, maybe described as the way you look at a friend after a few years and you realize that it’s them, it was them all along, and you never saw it coming.

It struck us right in the face. We used to be Elabs and Varvet. But we’re one and the same now and it’s Valentine’s day, a day for celebrating love and sipping pink champagne, and the path before us looks strewn with rose petals. Join us in walking it.

All this is to say: we’ve merged with Elabs. There used to be two separate companies, awesome in their own way and doing almost the same thing. From now on there’s just one company, called Varvet; twice as strong and at least twice as clever. We’ll still be building superlative digital experiences, there’s just more of us now. Feel free to contact us!