Since 2008 we’ve helped numerous clients change and grow by building great apps, products and services. We’ve worked with everything from small start-ups to big established organisations. Always with the same focus on communication and craftsmanship.

Our Story

Collage corridor Collage entrance
We get to experience a part of Gothenburg’s history every day. Our office is in the old Hasselblad House, where many of the famous Hasselblad cameras were once manufactured. You are more than welcome to visit us for a game of ping pong.

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Open Source Projects

Our Conferences

Nordic Ruby is the conference we’ve organised since 2010. We love the Ruby community; a bunch of different people from all over the world with open minds and an urge for learning and teaching. That is why we put on the conference we ourselves want to attend, we believe that apart from great speakers it’s important to care about the details and to create an experience where we have fun together.

Nordic ruby

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